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What is toor?

toor puts Big Data analysis within easy reach

Companies can develop and adjust methods on the fly

A limitless range of Big Data applications

Previously making sense of Big Data requires data analysts, who make their own analysis modules with professional skills. With toor anybody can analyze Big Data.

How does toor work?

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toorPIA is the software engine to visualize Big-Data. It consists of those three major technologies, maguna as Big-Data Framework, iterra and qlus as visualization engine and iterra as multi-dimensional analyzer.


The framework, maguna, can be replaced by Hadoop of other options.  But those are not optimized to enterprise circumstances. Our solution, maguna, is usually more than ten times better in cost-performance than those conventional options.


toorPIA visualization engine plots the data on a plane and makes a map.  Each of sub-groups of the data containing correlating factors forms an island of high density. So it is easy to find such subgroups on the map.


Multi-dimensional analyzer extracts the correlating factors for each island of corresponding sub group.  From those correlating factors, we can find facts in hiding in the original big data.

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Company Name: toor Inc.

Start-up: Jan. 2012





541 Idaira, Hayato, Mishimamachi, Onuma-gun, Fukushima 969-7406, Japan


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With toor, Big Data Isn't a Big Problem. toor puts the power of big data in your hands.

541 Idaira, Hayato, Mishimamachi, Onuma-gun, Fukushima 969-7406, Japan


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